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For many people, Anime is the preferred Japanese animation genre to entertain in life. In particular, the "real" Otaku are those who have a passion for the Anime genre. In which attractive Manga series made into Anime attract more and more viewers and choose Anime to become the most favorite movie genre at 9anime.

What is Anime?

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, you must have heard a lot about Anime. So what is Anime?

Anime (アニメ) is a loanword in English. That's the English word: "Animation" means "animated film". In other words, "Anime" is Japanese animated films produced from Manga comic works. Currently, Anime is widely known all over the world and is loved by many young people. Anime is also recognized as a characteristic of Japanese culture.

Explain some other terms related to Anime

Manga What is it?

The manga has Japanese spellings: kanji: 漫画, hiragana: まんが, katakana: マンガ, Sino-Vietnamese: manic. Manga is the Japanese word for comics and cartoons. In general, manga is the word for manga published by Japan. Some other types of stories:

Manhua is a word for comic books published by China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Manhwa is the word for comic books published by Korea.

What is Otaku?

Otaku (御宅 (Ng)/ おたく/ オタク) is a slang word in Japanese, referring to people who have a passion for anime (cartoon), manga (comic), or games. , 2D things.

Frequently asked questions about Japanese Anime

What are the best new anime movies right now?

Hello friends, the latest anime movies that are currently out are Deadly Duke and His Maid (2021), Don't tease me anymore, Nagatoro!, Shaman King - Sorcerer King,...

How many genres of Anime are there?

Hi there, currently there are 15 Anime genres. You can refer to the style of each genre in this article to choose Anime movies that suit your preferences.

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